Sunday, September 2, 2012

Review: Sally Hansen VitaSurge Strength Gel, Day Four

Hello, guys! Today is day four of my testing Sally Hansen VitaSurge Strength Gel. I'm really having fun trying out this product. So here's a recap, as usual:

I'm going to apply this product twice a day over my bare nails and let it dry on its own. I bought this bottle for $7.49 at Walgreens. The package says that this strength gel will make your nails stronger in five days, which is how long I'll be trying it out.

Here are the instructions on the bottle:
"Shake gently. Apply daily over bare nails or dry nail color. Massage in with applicator or finger. Reapply as needed."

Now, for my bare nails at the start of the day:

After applying the gel:

Ten minutes later:

My comments:
- I decided to cut my nails this morning. I just didn't like dealing with them and having longer nails was kind of bothersome, so off with their heads! It's strange, because a year ago I would have thought these nails were crazy long, and now I'm calling them stubby. I didn't cut them because of breakage, though; they were almost completely chip-free (yay!).
- Look! I got some of the beads on my nails today! Hooray! You can see them in the second two pictures on my first finger. 
- My nails are really loving this gel thing. It's so wonderfully moisturizing that I don't really feel too much of a need to use Vaseline anymore- I do use it for my cuticles, still, but my nails don't need it.
- I think this product is a keeper. If you don't have it, I would definitely recommend going out and trying it. You might need to cut back on the polish use for a few days, but it's worth it, I swear.

Thanks for reading! I'll be testing out Sally Hansen VitaSurge Strength Gel for one more day. You can get it at the Walgreens Website for $6.99.
- Muffin

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