Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nail Art Challenge: Day Eight: Galaxy Nails

A long time ago, in galaxy far, far away…
It was day eight of the nail art challenge, galaxy nails.

I really love the whole galaxy nail thing. These were the ones I was most worried about at the beginning of the challenge, and I found them the easiest out of everything I've done so far.

I really had no idea where to start with these, so I used Cutepolish's Galaxy Nails tutorial to guide me. I switched some things up a little bit to suite my taste, and taa-daa!

My favorite change was, instead of using a regular boring black base, using China Glaze Smoke and Ashes. If you haven't seen this polish before, it is the most beautiful color ever. It's a black polish stuffed with blue and green glitter. If you don't own it yet, quick! Run to a store in a galaxy near you and grab it!

After I painted that as the base, I sponged on white, yellow, and pink, and then the blue to mix together the yellowy part and the black. I used a toothpick to dot on the white stars, and covered it all with a glittery polish. Pretty much what Cutepolish does in her video. Smoke and Ashes doesn't really show up too well underneath everything, which stinks, but I think it adds a little color to it all.

Hehe. Get it? Yoda. And the galaxy nails.
Oh, why do I even bother trying to be funny? I still get a kick out of this picture for whatever reason, though.

And I included this unfocused picture just to show you all the glitter-y-ness of it all. What do you think?

I used:
Base coat: Beauty Secrets – Ridge Filler
Glittery Black: China Glaze – Smoke and Ashes
White: Sally Hansen – Hard to Get
Yellow: Sally Hansen – Lightening
Pink: OPI – Steady as she Rose
Blue: China Glaze – First Mate
Glitter: Sally Hansen – Strobe Light
Top coat: Sally Hansen – Strengthening Top Coat

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- Muffin

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