Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nail Art Challenge Day Four: Inspired by a Pattern

Hello, nail polish lovers! Happy Tuesday. It's day four of the nail art challenge, which means we're almost half way there! Onto the post!

Today's theme was "inspired by a pattern." For me, my pattern was a fishtail braid nail design. I've always seen it with a bunch of different colors, but I decided I'd rather go the simple route this time. One color plus a white striper (and a matte top coat!). This was a little bit more time consuming than I'd expected, but it was still pretty fun and easy. Here are the pictures!

Fancy angle shot thing.

Another fancy angle!

Bottle shot.

Picture with my handy dandy sign.
 For this design, my untried polish was the green background, which is China Glaze - Four Leaf Clover. It's totally not a February color, but I needed something bright and happy to get me through a cold, dreary week. Along with this, I used:
White stripes (which kind of turned green, woops): Stripe Rite - White
Matte Top Coat: Nails Inc. - Westminster Bridge Topcoat

I think that's it for now! I'm really excited for the Valentines manicures - if you want to make sure you'll see mine, don't forget to  follow here, 'like' on Facebook, and follow on Twitter!While you're add it, make sure to head on over to Erica's Nails and More and thank her for the awesome challenge!


  1. This turned out great! I haven't tried a fish tail mani yet, but I want to!!

  2. I like your take on the fish tail mani! It seems easier and faster than a multi color fish tail mani... I've never attempted one but it seems like it would take a long time waiting for all the colors to dry... Maybe I'll attempt this version sometime :)

  3. This looks cool :) I have done the multi coloured fishtail/braid mani, but this seems like it would be much faster :)
    Probably if you top coat the base colour the green wouldn't come through the white polish :)